What I AM About:

My Message is Very Simple. We are not Our Ego’s, that is a False Identification created by our self as we emerged from Being Loving Children. Some times we learned indifference from our parents or friends but until we made them our own ideal they were only someone else’s ideas, not Our Own. As We began Our Teens, this Ego-Self awareness began to set in and we bought into the idea that this is Who We Are. In Truth, We Are All Spirit’s having an Earthly Experience, nothing more. It is the Ego who is responsible for all our negative traits such as Hate, Anger, Selfishness, Prejudices, Indifference, Slander, Greed, Etc. Who We Really Are is A Pure Spirit Who came to this Earthly Plain to experience the feeling of separateness which is the intent and burden of taking on the shell or cloak of Ego. Ego makes Us Feel Alone and Separate when in Truth, We Are All One In The Holy Spirit. Our Spirit’s Are Borrowed or given to Us by His Everlasting Loving Kindness. We can not fathom that Infinite Love while in this Earthly Body and for some it seems they can not even hear the Truth of Who They Really Are: A Divine Soul. My Spiritual Mission therefore is to remind every Soul I Talk with, that they were once a Maginficent Spiritual Angel Who Once Resided in the Spiritual Realm. We Are Not Our Ego’s because that is just a false identification we created. “I and the Father (The Holy Spirit) Are One, as You and I Are One.” See Each Other as The Holy Spirit See’s Us! We Are All Divine Souls only temporarily Lost in thoughts (Maya) of Ego but We Were All With Him In The Beginning and when His Song is done, We Will All Be With Him Once More, Like a Long Dream that is Finally Over and We Awaken In Our Fathers Loving Arms. Never Forget Who You Really Are, A Part of The Holy Spirit’s Infinite Love, His Guiding Light as He Sings You His Love Song while You are slumbering here on this Earthly Plain of Holographic Experience. Perhaps this is only a Dream now, that when we pass on we mearly awaken from that deep sleep or Dream of who we thought we were, but Are So Much More Than We Ever Dreamed or Even Imagined Our Selves To Be. OMBelovedD