Our Brothers and Sisters needs become Our Own because They are taking this Journey with Us as We find Our Way back Home to the Holy Spirit. Without Us, They would loose Their way and without Them, We could never find our Own. As We forgive Them, so We Ourselves are forgiven. Only the illusion of ego makes Us feel separate and alone when in Truth We are One inseparable Soul Manifesting His reflection made of the Light, Love and Song He is sharing with All of Us. We are His Sons and Daughters and He Loves Us All with His Everlasting Heart. We were with Him in Our beginning and We will be with Him in the end, for We are as inseparable from Him as We are from Each Other. I and the Father are One as You and I are One and We will always be His  greatest Song of Creation, His One True Love whom He chose to cloth in His Vibrant Light.


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