Who & What We Really Are:

We Are Pure Spirits and as such We Are More Valuable than Gold, More Precious than a Beautiful Delicate Flower, More Magnificent than the Most Radiant Orange Sunset We Have Ever Seen, More Loved than a New Born Child, More Important to The Holy Spirit than We Can Ever Comprehend, We Are So Much More than We Can Ever Think Is Possible, We Are the “Pearl of Great Price”, We Are the coin the old women swept her whole house clean to find, We Have been the “Parodical Son” Who Squandered His Riches in Error, Who came to His Senses and We My Dear Friends Are On A Journey to Find Our Way Back Home to Our Father Who Is Looking and Hoping for Our Return, Who Is Waiting with Anticipation of the Day of Our Return so that He May Rush Out to Greet Us, Put a Gold Ring of His Love on Our Finger and place a Purple Robe of Honor Over Our Shoulders and Embrace Us with a Kiss from His Lips Who Has Longed for the Return of His Own Precious Son. We Are All Sons and Daughters of The Great Holy Spirit and He Has Waited Patiently for Us to Return Home so that He Might Lavish Us with a Crown of Gold and Seat Each of Us at the Banquet Table of His Infinite Unfathomable Unconditional Love as He Shares with Us His Bread of Life and He Fills Our Cup with Living Waters of Eternal Life as He Makes a Proclamation of His Endearing Love for Us and His Delight in Our Return Home. We Are the Light in His Eye, the Beautiful Song He Sings, the Love He Longs to Share, His Very Thought of Fulfillment and Joy because We Have Finally Come Home to Stay Forever.


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